“Fiesta del Pueblo” or town party has a long history in Latin Culture. It isn’t clear who or how these festivals spring, ut it appears to have evolved in Spain around the 11th or 12th century. Some towns it’s a celebration of the work of the key carpenters and craftsmen of the town. In more rural areas, it may have been celebrated for the harvest.

Celebrations of Fiesta del Pueblo were brought to the US by the Spanish. It is undoubtedly the work the Catholic missionaries as another aspect of their quest to convert Latin American natives to Christianity. Today, the festival is devoted around a yearly devotion or re-dedication to the patron saint or virgin of the town or main church.

The “fiesta” generally begins with a religious ceremony, after which the parties begin. Depending on which town you’re in, the celebration can last anywhere from a week to 10 days.

In Mexico alone, there are 5 – 6,000 fiestas each year. Most Fiestas Del Pueblo” include a lot of traditional as well as modern dance and music. Food and gastronomy has and always will be a big emphasis. Kid can enjoy games and carnival rides. With business people, family and kiosks being set up all around where ever you are to keep you fueled and hydrated.